ORION building design software is used for structural analysis, structural design and structural detailing of building/ concrete structures. It's being use by Civil/Structural Engineers and others who deals with building/concrete design. Orion is the ultimate design and detailing software solution for reinforced concrete buildings.

  • Model any building scheme with speed and ease.
  • Design to British and Singapore codes.
  • Work with real physical objects such as columns, beams, walls, slabs and foundations.
  • Let Orion take care of sophisticated FE and frame analysis automatically.
  • Perform optimized code-based designs to numerous international standards.
  • Automatically generate detailed RC drawings with DXF export to AutoCAD.
  • Produce clear and concise documentation including calculations and quantities.
  • Handle project changes easily and efficiently.
  • Integrate bi-directionally with leading BIM platforms such as AutodeskĀ® Revit


Flexible graphical environment with easy 2D and 3D physical element input for rapid model generation. Curves, Slopes, Drops and irregular structural arrangements created with ease. * A wide range of concrete structural systems supported including Beam-Slab, Flat Slab, Waffle Slab, Pre-cast Slabs and Wall Slab. Impressive 3D rendered visualization with 3D load checking and recordable fly-through animation for impressive client presentations. *

* Full 3D frame and FE analysis with complete visualization of all results. * Sparse solver technology for rapid analysis results. * Advanced analysis options including dynamic, staged construction and temperature loading effects. * Fully automated FE Shell and Mid Pier wall modelling options. * Automatic calculation and load distribution of all loading, intelligent yield line and FE distribution supported. * Automated, code based, load combination generation. * Automatic generation of building notional horizontal loads and beam pattern loads. * Option to include additional lateral loading such as wind loading, soil pressure and trapezoidal water pressures. * Automatic generation of Rigid links for economical analysis and consideration of eccentric effects. * Finite element floor module provides fast results for flat slabs, conventional slabs and raft foundation systems. * Floor diaphragms can be set at any floor level and discrete diaphragms are fully supported. * Intelligent Analysis status clarification - current analysis status is displayed using a traffic light system.

Design Features: * Comprehensive code based design checking to BS8110, EC2, CP65, and HK2004 for rigorous code compliance. * Rapid automatic batch design of all elements - beams columns walls slabs and foundations with instant Pass/Fail design status view for rapid review and checking. * Live interactive design control for complete customization. * Intelligent element grouping for rationalization of similar sections and layout. * Automatic design of regular slabs based on Design Code Moment Coefficient Method. Pre-cast and one way systems supported. * Comprehensive FE and flat slab design including automated band beams, integral strips and punching shear checks. * Broad coverage of foundation design including pile caps, pad and strip footings, combined foundations, raft and piled raft systems. Unique control of pile eccentricities. * Report manager for clear concise compilation of all design calculation documentation. Publish in PDF, Word and Excel.

  • Project setting and parameters.
  • Defining a grid pattern, creation of columns, sheer walls, beams and slab.
  • Building analysis and design settings.
  • Fully automated FE Shell and Mid Pier wall modeling options.
  • Automatic calculation and load distribution of all loading, intelligent yield line and FE distribution supported
  • Floor system finite element analysis modules.
  • Column and shear wall designs.
  • Beam section design and detailing.
  • Foundation/footing designs.

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