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We at Rhematex Consulting & Training Limited are into capacity building through professional soft skill trainings for individuals, institutions and coperate organizations; we are focused and determined in ensuring that our students get the best of training for any software of their interest. We also offer consulting services in areas of building construction and product designs using various CAD softwares, thereby bringing conceptual ideas into reality.

So whether you are a Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Civil, Agricultural Engineer, Computer Scientist, an Architect or any other discipline you can always find a software that will suite your need.

Why Choose Us

  • We at Rhematex Consulting & Training Limited are passionate about giving you the best of practical, detailed and comprehensive training.
  • All of our classes are detailed and comprehensive, exposing you to every information you need to know in other to work independently.
  • We make judicious use of your time with us, making every class worth the pay.
  • We are reliable, committed, focused and we love what we do.
  • We provide you with a comprehensive manual that consists of assignments and practical drawings projects for you to work personally with.

Our Vision

To produce world class Engineers, Architects, drafters, IT professionals who are equipped to converting global challenges into opportunities through “Value Embedded Quality Technical Education”. Our candidates will be actively sought as leaders to solve complex design problems.

Our Mission

  • To deliver the highest quality engineering professionals, cutting-edge research and innovative technology.
  • To impart Technical Education through effective Teaching learning process.
  • Our mission is to disseminate effective online teaching techniques, programs and methods and to encourage usage of the internet as an educational delivery tool in engineering.

About Our Softwares

AUTOCAD (Automated Computer Aided Design)

This is a drafting/drawing and modeling software used by engineers: Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Architects for drafting floor plan, orthographic and isometric drawings etc. it is a very flexible software that forms the fundamentals of other drafting/drawing softwares..At RHEMA CONCEPT will teach on the general use of the software so that it can be applied to the various interests of our students. It has two major aspects the 2d and 3d aspects. Our trainning covers both, some of the topics treated during the course of the class includes: use of drawing and modifying tools, use of command line, layers , text, dimensions etc.

AutoCAD is a very flexible and accurate software and therefore still in wide use in lots of engineering and manufacturing companies and a good knowledge of the software will give a student and added advantage in making him/her employable.

PDMS (Plant Design and Management System)

PDMS is a 3D modeling software used in the oil and gas in designing operating plants also used in the manufacturing and processing industry for modeling equipment, piping designs, structure and generating drafts and isodraft etc. The knowledge of this software is essential to have in other to work in the oil and gas sector...the software is important for mechanical, chemical, civil or structural engineers...in the course of the trainning we will be looking at how to model equipment, pipes , structures using PDMS.


These are parametric designing softwares, very good for complex machines designs and assemblies. It generates the 2d orthographic, section and detailed drawing of the required part or assembly also you can determine the stress analysis on a given machine part. It has four interface the part(.ipt), assembly (.iam), drawing (.idw), and presentation (.ipn) interface.

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